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Top 5 Fastest Cars In The World 2009

You can tell the Koenigsegg CCX has a blistering top speed of 245mph just by looking at it. Scary. (394Km/hr)

The American-built Saleen S7 can hit 248mph. OK, this is getting ridiculous now... (399Km/hr)

The Porsche 9ff GT9 is one of three cars able to break the 250mph barrier. (402 Km/hr)

And you thought the 253mph Bugatti Veyron would be top of the list. Not any more. (403Km/hr)

The top spot now goes to Shelby Supercars and the 257mph SSC Ultimate Aero. (413.60Km/hr)

waa..laju giler..
nak sebijik..

cane nak amik..
pakcik aljanggut tlg la blikan sbijik..

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